Multimedia Digital Archiving System

0_full_MIDASGalleryMIDAS is an open source, freely available software system for data storage, management, visualization and processing. At its core MIDAS is implemented as a PHP modular framework with a PostGreSQL backend database. While the MIDAS system can be installed and deployed without any customization, the MIDAS framework has been designed with customization in mind. We recognize that building one system that would fit all is not optimal, thus we have extended the framework to support plugins and layouts.

MIDAS employs Kitware’s Quality Software Process (CTest and CDash) to test the system. While CTest and CDash have been written to support C/C++ source code development. We have extended the framework to provide a continuous integration for PHP/HTML.

Image: MIDAS automatically generates a gallery of the data stored in the system. The gallery can be browsed and searched.