Scalable Analysis Group Expertise



Scalable Algorithms

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

SCI Institute

Scientific Computing, Visualization and Imaging

The SCI Institute is an internationally recognized leader in visualization, scientific computing, and image analysis. Their research objective is to create new scientific computing techniques, tools, and systems that enable solutions to problems affecting various aspects of human life. SCI focuses on computational and imaging problems in such disciplines as biomedicine, geophysics, combustion, molecular dynamics, fluid dynamics, and atmospheric dispersion.

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Scalable Software

Kitware, Inc.

Kitware, Inc.

Cutting Edge Software and Services

Kitware is a leader in the creation and support of open-source software and state-of-the-art technology and is one of the fastest growing software companies in the country. We leverage our diverse technical expertise to provide advanced custom solutions in the fields of computer vision, medical imaging, scientific visualization, large data management and technical software development.

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Systems and Security

Sandia National Labs

Sandia National Labs

Science, Technology and Engineering

Sandia National Laboratories is a world leader in analysis and visualization of large data, emphasizing research which addresses areas unique to complex, large data.  Working closely with Sandia’s experts in scalable algorithms, databases, and application development, we develop tools that are used daily by researchers, analysts, and businesses around the world.

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The First Step

Take Advantage of the SAGE Consortium

Good science is built upon a foundation of collaboration. The SAGE consortium has positioned itself to provide a broad impact to help you achieve your goals. From modeling, simulation, and visualization, to cutting edge software applications, SAGE can help.